Germs in the office

They're Everywhere

Germs Are Everywhere

Keeping your distance from sick co-workers may not be enough to avoid contact with their germs. Some viruses quickly spread through offices and other buildings, contaminating many surfaces in just hours. Its not just viral contamination you need to worry about. With over 30% of workers that do not wash their hands after using the bathroom, fecal matter is found on many common office items. That’s gross to think about but a fact you must deal with every day.

Most Common Places Where Germs Love To Breed

Desk Surfaces

Did you know that there are up to 10 million germs on your desk? Most workers spend more time at their desk than at home, and they hardly never clean their desks or their keyboards.


Phones can breed more than 10x the number of germs than a toilet seat.

Door handles

So you already guessed this one. It is quite obvious that door handles are the most used item in an office. They are everywhere: bathrooms, offices, conference rooms, etc. They are also the easiest way to spread germs. When is the last time you or a co-worker disinfected all the door handles?

Microwave and refrigerator door handles

Given that this is something you’ll likely touch before eating, you might want to wash your hands after you reheat last night’s leftovers. Better yet, get a disinfectant wipe and clean it first.

Candy dish

Are you tempted by the dish of M&M’s or chocolate-covered candies that your office manager keeps at the front desk? As good as they may look—especially during the afternoon slump—most health experts will warn you: Step away from the candy dish. Just think of where people’s hands have been.

Copy machine

Just think of how often this machine gets used and how many people share it. One push of a button can leave behind countless germs and bacteria that could make you sick.


This one is so obvious, isn’t it? Well you may be surprised that bathrooms are not as bad as other areas of an office. Even so, a toilet seat can hide 3200 bacteria per square inch.

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